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As they continue a series of low key gigs in-and-around the London area, Loom have finally published one of their tracks online for people to hear. You can stream “Bleed On Me” above.

The four-piece group from Leamington Spa, fronted by Tarik Badwan (brother of The Horrors’ Faris), have been steadily garnering the attention of the music press. With many of their performances remaining unannounced, and virtually no online presence, the band have proved to be more than a little elusive.

"Bleed On Me" is the first time a recording from the band has been made available to the public. The track is being released as a limited edition cassette tape next Monday (3rd December), backed with another of the bands tracks, "Lizard," and a cover of The Misfits’ "She." Limited to 100 copies, you can preorder it here.

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